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Java Scanner example – read & write contents to/ from file (example)

Scanner is text parser which used to parse primitives & strings using regular expression. Scanner split the input into token using delimiter pattern. Default pattern delimiter is whitespace. We will write content to a file using FileWriter class. Then, we will read content from as file using Scanner class. Scanner class extends object & implements… Read More »

Inter thread communication in java (Example/ PipedInputStream / PipedOutputStream)

Inter thread communication is very common phenomenon. There are many ways to achieve inter thread communication. In current post, we will use pipes to achieve thread communication. Java has set of classes named PipedOutputStream & PipedInputStream to communicate between threads. We will create couple of threaders namely producer & consumer. Producer thread will produce data… Read More »

List or display contents of compressed or zipped file in java (example)

Given a zipped or compressed file in java. We would like to display or list the contents of zipped file. We will display the name and size of uncompressed files. Program – list or display contents of zipped /compressed file in java package org.learn; import; import java.util.Enumeration; import; import; public class DisplayZipContents {… Read More »

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