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Famous puzzles or logical questions asked during a interview.

Find a Box of Defective Balls puzzle

Box of Defective Balls puzzle: You are given 10 boxes containing balls. The 9 boxes contains the balls, each ball weighing 10 gm The 1 box (defective box) contains the balls, each ball weighing 9 gm. You are given electronic weighing machine and you can use the weighing machine only once. Find out the defective box… Read More »

Three Ants on Equilateral Triangle Puzzle

Ants on equilateral triangle puzzle: Three ants are sitting on the corners of equilateral triangle. Ants can pick any direction and start moving along the edge of equilateral triangle. What is probability that no ant should collide with each other. Solution of ants on equilateral triangle puzzle Ants can move either in clockwise wise direction… Read More »

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