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Logging aspect in RESTful web service using spring aop (log requests/responses)

Logging request & response information is basic requirement of enterprise RESTFul web service. We will create RESTFul web service using Spring. We have already discussed what is aspect oriented programming. What we will discuss in current post? Create RESTFul web service using spring framework. Create REST resource BookingController to book hotel & retrieve booking information POST resource hotel booking… Read More »

What is aspect oriented programming (aop) in spring (examples) ?

Aspect Oriented programming in spring The aspect oriented programming (aop) is very important module of spring framework. As the nomenclature suggests that programming is driven from aspect. In aspect oriented programming we are concerned about the basic, independent logical unit. These logical unit (or concerns) are not part of business application. These logical unit are… Read More »

Multipart file upload RESTFul web service (Spring MVC/ java/ example)

File upload is very common scenario in today’s web application. In this post, We will discuss about RESTFul web service exposing Multipart file upload resource using spring mvc. Multipart REST Service (“multipart/mixed”  mime): Spring Multipart file upload service capable of consuming different kind of files like pdf, txt, json, zip etc. In Multipart project we will have HomeController… Read More »

Multipart file upload client for RESTFul web service (java/ example /httpclient)

Multipart file upload client: File upload client is capable of uploading different kind of files using apache httpclient. File upload client will upload files to RESTFul web service, exposing multipart resource. What is objective of File Upload client? File upload client will use “multipart/mixed” mime type. We have demonstrated the following file formats to be uploaded… Read More »