Serialization & Deserialization object in java using externalizable interface.

Given user defined object or POJO, we would like to serialize object in java. We will use Externalizable interface, so that class is marked for Serialization. Externalizable interface is sub interface of Serializable interface. We have discussed similar posts: Serialize user defined object using Serializable interface. Impact of inheritance on Serialization, when Base class is Serialization. Impact… Read More »

Find/search element in sorted integer array (java/binary search algorithm/iterative)

Given sorted integer array in java. Find or search element/integer in an array using binary search algorithm (with example). Binary search is a divide and conquer algorithm. Binary search algorithm is used to find element in sorted arrays. We have already discussed about find element in a sorted integer array using binary search algorithm(recursive). We… Read More »

Find element in an array using binary search algorithm in java (recursive)

Binary search is a divide and conquer algorithm. Divide and conquer algorithm is process of dividing the input data-set after each iteration. Binary search algorithm works on sorted arrays. We can not apply the binary search to unsorted array. We will use the recursive method to find element in an array. In binary search algorithm, after… Read More »

Logging aspect in RESTful web service using spring aop (log requests/responses)

Logging request & response information is basic requirement of enterprise RESTFul web service. We will create RESTFul web service using Spring. We have already discussed what is aspect oriented programming. What we will discuss in current post? Create RESTFul web service using spring framework. Create REST resource BookingController to book hotel & retrieve booking information POST resource hotel booking… Read More »

What is aspect oriented programming (aop) in spring (examples) ?

Aspect Oriented programming in spring The aspect oriented programming (aop) is very important module of spring framework. As the nomenclature suggests that programming is driven from aspect. In aspect oriented programming we are concerned about the basic, independent logical unit. These logical unit (or concerns) are not part of business application. These logical unit are… Read More »

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