Convert String to Integer in java (with example)

Given an String in java, we would like convert String to integer. We can convert String to integer using following methods. Convert String to integer using Integer.parseInt. Convert String to integer using Integer.valueOf. Convert String to integer using Integer constructor. Program – convert String to Integer in java (with example) package org.learn; public class ConvertStringToInt { public… Read More »

List all directories of input path using scope operator & file filter in java

Given an input directory of a file system. We would like to list or print all directories recursively. We will traverse all directories and sub directories to list directories (only). We will discuss couple of options to list directories (refer trailing code). We will scope resolution operator to filter directories  Method name: listDirectoriesUsingScope. We will… Read More »

Read property file from resource folder /directory in java (example)

Given a property file defining the properties of a java application. Property file will be residing in the resource folder/directory. Load the property file present in resource directory. Load property using Properties class in java. Properties class extends Hashtable. Hashtable will provide properties as key value pairs.. We will iterate through key / value pairs… Read More »

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