Java Collection Framework Tutorial

List Collection Tutorial:

  1. Add or insert elements/nodes to LinkedList in java 
  2. Remove or delete nodes/String objects from LinkedList collection 
  3. Retain & remove elements/ nodes of LinkedList collection
  4. Iterate or loop LinkedList collection of String objects in java
  5. Sort elements of linkedlist in java (ascending & descending order)
  6. Add, remove, retain, sort methods of LinkedList collection 
  7. Add/ insert elements/String objects to LinkedList collection 
  8. Remove or delete elements/nodes/objects from ArrayList collection
  9. Sort Objects in ArrayList in ascending and descending order
  10. Iterate or loop ArrayList collection of String objects/elements
  11. Retain or remove String objects/ elements of ArrayList collection 
  12. Get, Add, Remove, Retain, Sort & iterate methods of ArrayList collection
  13. CopyOnWriteArrayList concurrent collection 

Map collections tutorials

  1. Insert elements to HashMap collection in java
  2. Iterate /loop HashMap collection having string objects (Java8)
  3. Remove elements/string objects from HashMap collection by key
  4. Sort HashMap by keys in java (ascending & descending order)
  5. putIfAbsent method of HashMap in java 
  6. Put,Remove,Sort,iterate,Get methods of HashMap
  7. Insertion order in LinkedHashMap using java 
  8. Access order in LinkedHashMap using java 
  9. Create least recently used (LRU) cache in java using LinkedHashMap
  10. Iterate/ loop TreeMap collection of String Objects before & after java8
  11. Iterate or loop EnumMap using entrySet & forEach Java 8

Set Collection Tutorial

  1. What is HashSet collection in java (class hierarchy)
  2. Iterate/loop elements/string objects of HashSet collection in java8 
  3. Convert HashSet to TreeSet in java (example)
  4. Convert HashSet of string to Array in java
  5. Convert HashSet of String objects to ArrayList in java
  6. What is LinkedHashSet collection in java (class hierarchy)
  7. Iterate or loop LinkedHashSet collection of String objects
  8. Convert LinkedHashSet of String objects to TreeSet collection
  9. Convert LinkedHashSet of String objects to ArrayList collection 
  10. Convert LinkedHashSet collection of String objects to Array in java
  11. What is TreeSet collection in java (class hierarchy)
  12. Sort user defined objects using TreeSet in java (Comparator interface)
  13. Sort user defined objects in TreeSet (using Comparable)