Java File Input Output (IO) operations

  1. Read a file line by line using java 8 lambda stream
  2. Create temporary file in a temp or input directory in java
  3. Recursively list all files present in directory /sub-directories of input folder
  4. List all directories of input path – scope operator & file filter in java
  5. Recursively list all files & folders of input directory in java
  6. Create new file & folder (directory) in java
  7. Convert local file path to URL & URI in java
  8. Create or Write or dump java properties to file
  9. Read contents from console or command line (Scanner class)
  10. Java Scanner example – read & write contents from/to file
  11. Inter thread communication in java (PipedInputStream /PipedOutputStream)
  12. Check read,write,execute permission & hidden attribute of file
  13. List system drive & their total, free, used space
  14. List or display contents of compressed or zipped file
  15. Compress or zip directory (sub-directories) recursively – ZipOutputStream
  16. Create compress /zip file in java (ZipOutputStream class)
  17. File read write IO operation in java – StringWriter/StringReader
  18. Write file in java using PrintWriter (class hierarchy & example)
  19. Read & Write file in java using CharArrayReader & CharArrayWriter
  20. Read & write UTF file – BufferReader & BufferWriter (NIO)
  21. Read & Write UTF contents to/ from file in java (BufferReader /BufferWriter)
  22. InputStreamReader & OutputStreamWriter – UTF file
  23. BufferedReader & BufferedWriter (NIO) – Read & write file
  24. Read write file using BufferedReader & BufferedWriter in java
  25. Read/write file contents in java (InputStreamReader/OutputStreamWriter)
  26. Read & write file in java (FileInputStream/ FileOutputStream)
  27. Write or redirect standard output error stream to a file in java
  28. Write or redirect console output to a file & again reset to standard output in java